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The Vino Stock Exchange offers investors a unique chance to invest in one or a number of wine estates across the globe. Many people would love to own a wine farm but unfortunately this is out of the reach of the majority. Why not own shares in a portfolio of wine farms across the globe? Not only is property a good investment , but investing in a property which produces a  profitable product year in and year means that you are also investing in a business.

Wine investment is a big business, Why not invest in the wine estate which produce a product which other people want to invest in?

Our unique Vino Exchange also offers the investor the opportunity to invest in tradable Mini Wine Bonds, unique to each wine estate with an annual rate of return above 8%.

As a added bonus, the more stock you hold in a particular wine estate, or a particular Mini Wine Bond, that Estate will deliver to you from each vintage, your own personalized labeled wine, or a selection of the Estates Wine.


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