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Wine Estate Trading Quotes and List



The VSX Stock Market provides wine estates with an ideal environment to unlock value, raise funds, and develop their business model and corporate governance whilst benefitting from a market quote

This allows the company essential time to adjust to the rules and requirements of a public market, but on a smaller and less onerous scale. Wine estates also have the opportunity to establish a strong revenue-generating model. Wine estates on VSX stock market also have less stringent rules to adhere to compared to a or Official List.

Market Features

VSX stock market provides a platform for early stage wine estates to obtain a share price and a subsequent market capitalization, without the need to change the structure of the company. Wine estates looking to raise funds through a private placing often hold greater appeal for investors if they can demonstrate an existing market quote is in place for their shares.  

Information about company shares on VSX stock market gives the company exposure to a new group of investors that is usually restricted to qualified investors such as professional investors or investors that have taken suitable professional advice. This new group of investors are better placed to evaluate the information provided to the market and more likely to get involved in higher risk investments. Existing shareholders in each company are also able to access this information.  

Wine estates benefit from having their share price and company information displayed on the VSX Markets website and they can also have their share price and charting shown on continually on the VSX terminals, website and smartphone investor apps. They can also benefit from having their regulatory news and trading updates placed to both the market and secondary information providers.

The wine estate Market uses the electronic trading platform Specter, although the quotation is not deemed to be a fully public quotation due to the information about the company being restricted. It should be noted that wine estates being admitted to the VinoXchange are less likely to have significant liquidity than those on a or Official List markets. Trading takes place under VSX Markets’ MTF license (Multilateral Trading Facility).

Admission Requirements

To join VSX stock market a wine estate will need to have an admission document which provide the market with up to date information about the company structure, its finances and its business activities. VSX stock market is ideally suited to smaller wine estates that are looking to unlock value, raise funds through a private placing, and who wish to build a track record with investors.

More information
You can download a copy of the VSX Wine Estate Trading Quotes and List Rules here, and contact us to discuss your situation and the applicability of the VSX Wine Estate Trading Quotes and List for your business.

You can also read about the process for joining VSX Wine Estate Trading Quotes and List and download application documentation.

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