The Wine Estate Stock Exchange for the lovers of wine (Oenophilia)

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The Process of Joining the VSX Official Wine Estate List 
If you have read our introduction to the VSX Official List, this page now provides information on the process for joining.



The main steps that need to be followed are detailed below: 

  • Wine estates should acquaint themselves with the rules of the market by downloading the Market Rules and Application Pack that provide guidance on the information required for listing on VSX Wine Stock Markets

  • Wine estates looking to join the Official List should have a market capitalisation of at least £1m, USD$1,4m or ZAR20 m at the time of admission..

  • A Corporate Advisor must be appointed to assist with the listing and to ensure that the company continues to meet the market rules as part of its obligations as a listed company.
  • An information brochure and web site should be produced in accordance with the listing rules.

  • Wine estates looking to obtain a listing on this market must have at least 15% of the issued shares in public hands and should have at least 50 shareholders.

  • Wine estates will need to submit a Due Diligence Report as part of their application.


  • A completed application form and admission document that includes the company and financial information as laid out in the Application Pack should be submitted to VSX Wine Stock Markets.
  • The completed application forms should only be submitted once the due diligence has been approved and must be delivered to VSX at least ten working days prior to the expected date of Admission, with all the information specified in the Application Pack

  • All application fees and the pro rata annual fees are payable prior to being admitted to the market.



Download application documentation: