The Wine Estate Stock Exchange for the lovers of wine (Oenophilia)

Market Status:


VSX Markets runs a dedicated Wine Estate Stock exchange that offering attractive opportunities for brokers

Main benefits for brokers:

Excellent market access. Broker members are provided with direct market access to place orders to trade as well as see the order depth for each security tradable on the market. This facility - coupled with a manual order reporting system for trades matched off market - is not normally available to brokers on other SME markets.  

A dedicated market trading platform.
TThe Specter platform used by VSX Markets lets brokers place orders to buy and sell directly to the market. Provided that the broker has provided best execution, a manual trade report can be completed: this avoids the need to enter an open bid or ask into Specter, which could automatically match with the wrong client.

Access to the Specter system is strictly controlled and can only be accessed by participating members. Brokers wishing to review the platform can however access a demonstration version of Specter here.

Excellent transparency
. VSX Wine Stock Markets provide transparency to investors and brokers alike, being the first stock market to provide a transparent order book to both brokers and investors. Share Prices of trades can be displayed whether the broker in question has a principal position they are selling to clients, or where they have agreed a trade between clients or with other brokers outside the market

The removal of enforced large bid/offer spreads. VSX trading systems match off orders to buy and sell electronically, providing investors with automatic best execution of their orders. This eliminates the traditional small-cap market practice of enforcing large bid/offer spreads that disadvantages both buyer and seller

More information

Please read about the trading process used by VSX Markets.

Access a demonstration version of the Specter trading platform.

Visit the ‘How to Join’ page for details of the requirements for joining and to download an application form.

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